Soft Skills Training

This activity will have a dual scope:

  1. To increase the range of teaching abilities of the VET educators, with a set of skills sorely needed by the VET learners at the start of their professional life, skills which are not usually taught in VET schools. From this point of view, at the end of the course, the participants will be able to:
    • Identify their learning style and plan their learning process accordingly. Have upgraded their learning skills in order to allow a faster and more stable information retention as well as reading at a more faster rate (as described by the O2/A1 activity material);
    • Use digital means to upgrade their professional presence on career websites and to effectively plan and organize their professional activity (as described by the O2/A2 activity material);
    • Recognize the core business etiquette skills applicable in a workplace environment and are able to apply their principles in their work (as described by the O2/A3 activity material);
    • Apply the trainer’s kit, based on non-formal education, with their students and trainees in order to teach them the three soft skills created either directly, as separate curricula, or integrating them in the current curricula of the workplace (as described by the O2/A4 activity material); The training will be addressed to VET educators and will instruct them in the training courses developed through the project. It will address the current lack of soft skills of employees in both Europe and represented countries (RO, CY, IT, and PT)
  2. To test the effectiveness of the developed materials against a group of trained professionals which have the ability to provide a critical view over the documentation and identify possible gaps or difficulties in its application to VET learners from different countries or specializations. Finally, it will encourage the participants to develop non-formal education materials related to topics addressed.

The profile of participants will be:

  • VET teacher, trainers and mentor who work in VET centers wanting to upgrade their teaching methodology with aspects of the three soft skills.
  • VET center administrators that want to learn how to integrate the soft skills in their center general curricula and make it applicable to all specializations and topics.

Τhe training will take place in Cyprus and will be attended by 5 VET educators from each participating country involved in the project (20 persons in total). For Romania, the sending organization will be Asociatia Comunelor din Romania Filiala Calarasi, due to its privileged relation with VET centers from Calarasi County