Our project is proposing a solution to improve the attractiveness of the VET learners before the potential employers by enhancing 3 soft skills which they will use in the process of employment and throughout their entire professional life. It, also, proposes a secondary target group which is constituted by VET educators, who have the unique position of shaping the personalities of learners and, therefore, multiplying the effect of the project. It is important that they understand and apply the principles related to preparing complete learners, already adapted to the realities of the labor market.

More precisely our project’s objectives are:

  • To know in details key-soft skills needed from companies in order to create awareness on those skills;
  • To deliver a set of skills directly to a target group of VET learners and also, in order to amplify and perpetuate the ripple effect of those courses, to deliver them to a target group of VET educators.